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Today is a good ass day because……

It’s the 69th Annual Golden Globes!

Here’s what I love:

- I love Ricky Gervais style and sense of humor.  He’s the perfect host for this awards show.  He’s unapologetic, racy, and hilarious!  My guess for his targets: everyone (as it should be).

- Booze-filled show + live air + room full of egos/competition = great television.  I like the fun vibe of the Globes.  Plus you get moments like globe winners held up in the bathroom during acceptance time, camera cuts to a disgusted look, and lots of drunken antics.

- Red Carpet.  Yes, I am that girl who will watch 4 hours of red carpet and fashion coverage.  I love the gorgeous gowns, the stunning jewelry loaned out, and all the amazing hair/makeup.  I want an occasion to get dressed up like this!

- The Golden Globe winners!  The best part is seeing someone who’s work you admire actually win. 

Addendum: this is also the greatest Sunday because there will be NO sports watched in this house today.  I have warned the guys, they have consented.  They can hopefully all go to the bar.

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